June 8th – The Countdown is on…

Brexit… a General Election… Inflation up? What else is on the horizon to “help” the property market, one wonders! It’s certainly a tough time for some parts of the business, but with over 30 years’ experience it’s nothing we haven’t seen before – except not normally all at the same time!

Even poor George Osborne has had to drop his poorest paying job (the one he was elected to do) and focus on some Blackrocks for 1 day a week… and cast his eyes over his new journalist colleagues once a day – a tough ask but someone has to do it!

The Easter celebrations and St George’s Day have been and gone, and now we’ve the May Day weekend to look forward to – until the 8th June when the country will decide if it’s to be “May’s Day” (see what I did there!).

So, whether you are in the thriving metropolis that is London, or based in the home counties or beyond and need some helpful advice and assistance, either from an agency perspective or as a personal client, please drop me a line. My team and I will be very happy to work with you on a plan to maximise efficiency for all.

Happy Friday